Tinka Hessenheifer

Tinka Hessenheffer is the sister of Gunther Hessenheffer and is on Shake It Up Chicago with Rocky and CeCe. Her and her brother are very stuck up about there dancing.


Gunther Hessenheffer- Gunther is Tinka's brother. He seems to have very strange emotions towards his sister. In "Add It Up", he seemed very dissapointed when Tinka said they would never get married.

Ty Blue - She had a date with Ty Blue in the episode "Add It Up" where they went to the pickle museum. She said she would think about going on a second date but it probably wouldn't work out because they are so different. She's sequins and he's denim, she's gold shoes and he's high tops. She cant dance she is a loser unamerican and a lsoer like her brotder