Gunther Hessenheffer is a foreign exchange student from an unknown country. His sister is Tinka Hessenheffer and is almost always with him. He has a thick accent. He is a background dancer on Shake It Up Chicago! along with Tinka, Rocky, and CeCe. Rocky and CeCe are known to be his "frenemies", although he has worked together with them in the talent show in Show It Up. He loves to wear sparkles, glitter, sequins, and twinkles. He even has a BeTwinkler.

In one episode it is revealed that Gunther thinks he will marry his twin sister Tinka Hessenheffer


Rocky BlueEdit

Rocky and Gunther are known as "frenemies". They are both on Shake It Up Chicago! and have worked together on the talent show, but they never performed together. Some fans of Shake It Up! pair Rocky and Gunther together romantically. (See Gunther-Rocky Relationship)