Cecelia "CeCe" Jones
CeCe Jones
CeCe dancing on the show "Shake It Up Chicago."

Full Name:

Cecelia Rose Jones






Flynn Jones


February 19, 1994

Death June 17,2012

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Cecelia "CeCe" Jones is one of the two main characters in the TV series, Shake It Up. She is very unpredictable, daring, funky, and fun. She enjoys her time dancing in dance competitions, competing against others and having slumber parties. She is also is very energetic. As seen in "Add It Up," she has dyslexia. She is portrayed by Bella Thorne, who has dyslexia in real life, too.

Quotes[1] EditEdit

"Lets hang, let's go crazy, let's go meet BOYS! Call you later. Love you, Grandma."

"Oh, I'm sorry, hi, I'm Cece."

"We get to be on TV and they pay us!"

'' hello babyyy."

"[Rocky and Flynn: Hiya! Hiya!] Hiya."

"Cece I think we should help them"


"Because there ugly and need a makeover"

"And then, they will give us money!"

Relationships[2] EditEdit

Rocky BlueEdit

Rocky Blue is CeCe's best friend, who helps her choosing the right decisions. She is like a conscience for CeCe, telling her right from wrong.

Ty BlueEdit

Ty Blue is one of CeCe's friends and was first introduced in the series opener.He is also Rockys brother in this series.

Deuce MartinezEdit

Deuce Martinez is one of CeCe's friends. He sells stuff such as obstructive view tickets with a complimentary watch. Many fans of Shake It Up!He is currently in a relationship with a girl named Dina on the show.

Flynn JonesEdit

Flynn is CeCe's younger brother, who often annoys her.

Tinka and Guther HessenhefferEdit

They are European exchange students. They're rivals of CeCe and Rocky, and they are also on Shake It Up! Chicago.


Gunther HessenhefferEdit

In Hot mess It Up Rocky and Cece host and advice show that leads to Cece asking Gunther out to the dance.It appears that Gunther had a bit of an affection for Cece in the episode.Gunther breaks up with Cece after he found out that Cece gave his cousin some bad advice.Gunther also said that he would marry Cece.